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  • ▲Material: The texture is fine, the hand feels soft, and the use of high-quality non-hazardous cloth materials, the color is bright, not easy to fade and age.

  • ▲Tidy edges: The car line's turner is the key to the quality of the carpet. The tightness of the carpet edging determines the life and quality of the carpet.

  • ▲Slip resistance: Special fabrics, excellent slip resistance, especially suitable for smooth ground and rainy days.

  • ▲Durable: Using unique technology, it is durable without edges, burrs, and has a longer life.

  • ▲DIY: It can be cut and spliced ​​at will, suitable for stages and corridors of various shapes. If you need to customize other sizes or colors, you can contact us by email.

  • ▲Parameter
    Product name: wedding carpet, running carpet, wedding track, event carpet
    Thickness: 2mm
    Color: solid color
    shape: rectangle
    Style: modern and simple
    Process: Weaving
    Practical: can be reused 2-3 times
    Cleaning method: vacuum, dry cleaning, easy to clean

    ▲The thickness of the carpet determines the longest service life of the carpet
    1mm thick, disposable, about 1 day.
    1.5 mm thick, disposable, about 2-3 days
    2 mm thick, one-time use, about 3-5 days.
    3mm thick, disposable, about 1-2 months
    It is 5 mm thick and takes about half a year to a year.

    ▲Fixed method:
    1: Clean the floor dust
    2: Roll out the carpet
    3: Cut the double-sided tape into 5cm to use.
    4: Fix the rubber part to the edge and side of the carpet
    5: Fix the bottom of the carpet (align with double-sided tape)

    1: When manually measuring, there will be an error of 1-3mm, please refer to the actual product, please understand.
    2: Due to different shooting tools, slight color errors may occur. This is not a quality issue. Please refer to the actual product.

    Wedding Aisle Runner Rugs Exhibition Carpet Non-Woven Fabric Disposable Carpet Prom Aisle for Indoor Outdoor Parties Weddings & Gala Events Thickness 2 Mm Color : B Size : 1.2x50m - BO33WGHGP