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  • QUALITY: Made from premium tissue paper

  • PERFECT SIZE: Confetti is 1 inch in diameter in size for easy cleanup.

  • PLENTY TO GO AROUND: 50 grams of confetti per package, or roughly 7-8 handfuls of confetti

  • BIODEGRADABLE: Circle tissue confetti are biodegradable. Exception are the color combinations that contain gold mylar flakes.

  • NOTE: To separate stacks of confetti stuck together, wet tips of your fingers on a very damp towel cloth and easily separate them. For easy cleanup of mylar flakes, use packing tape to pick them up quickly!

  • These premium tissue paper confetti are the perfect compliment to any event whether you are using it for weddings, anniversaries, proposals, birthdays, baby showers, Sweet 16s, and more!

    Use them anywhere. Great for confetti cannons, 4k marathon events, or simply for inserting them into clear balloons for a dazzling effect!

    Easy clean up for circle tissue confetti. Mylar flakes can be cleaned up quickly by using tape as an adhesive to pick up.

    Premium 1-inch Round Tissue Paper Party Table Confetti 50 Grams Pink White Gold Mylar Flakes - B85Q7DP3D