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  • Pack of 12 Soccer keychains with motivational sports quotes to inspire confidence, determination, and self-discipline. Each double-sided keychain features an inspirational message on one side, and "Soccer" word art on the other side.

  • This variety pack of 1 dozen key chains includes 3 different designs (4 pieces of each design): Believe that You Can, Winners Never Quit, and Challenge the Impossible.

  • Made from flexible silicone rubber, with a flat metal keyring for holding keys, keychain accessories and attachments. These lightweight keyholders are durable enough to withstand daily use without adding unnecessary weight to your pockets, making them practical for athletes, coaches and people with an active lifestyle.

  • Conveniently packaged in bulk, these inspirational key chains make easy giveaway gifts and party favors for your soccer themed party or event. Use them as achievement awards and prizes at soccer games and tournaments, or give them away as goody bag items for your soccer party guests.

  • A unisex, one-size-fits-all gift solution for your entire soccer team, these versatile key chains are suitable for adult men and women, youth and teen boys and girls. Soccer moms and dads, soccer players and fans will all appreciate these useful keychains with a positive message that will inspire and motivate them.

  • This wholesale pack of 1 dozen soccer keychains by Inkstone contains an assortment of keyholders that are inscribed with motivational slogans. These inspirational quote key chains are designed to provide you with an instant gift solution, when you need bulk soccer gifts for a group of people of all ages. They are conveniently packaged in a bulk pack to make easy soccer giveaways and party favors for guests. Easily place them into goodie bags as favor items; soccer fans and soccer lovers will thank you for these practical and meaningful soccer souvenirs that they will actually want to use and keep! These universal, unisex key chains will fit a diverse crowd, from kids to tween youth and teen boys and girls, to adult men and women. Included in this economical bulk pack of key tags are 4 pieces each of the following motivational messages: Believe that You Can, Winners Never Quit, and Challenge the Impossible. These versatile keychains are made from soft silicone rubber, and can be used as luggage tag markers and backpack accessories. They won't add unnecessary weight to your pockets or your bags, and yet they will hold a large number of keys and keychain attachments. Each of these soccer keyholders features a large flat metal keyring, and a silicone rubber loop that will make it easy to locate and hold your keys. Not only are these keychains incredibly useful, but the meaningful inscribed messages provide a source of daily inspiration, motivation and encouragement. That's why they make such great achievement gifts and awards for soccer players and athletes!

    Inkstone Soccer Keychains with Motivational Quotes - BI3HDW36C