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  • 5" x 7" bag features "You've Earned A Break" gift card and the following snacks...

  • Quaker Granola Bar (flavors vary from pack to pack), Pack of Lance Cheese Crackers, Skittles Fruit Candy Pack, Dubble Bubble Gum, 2 Starbursts Fruit Chews, Werther's Original Wrapped Caramel, KitKat Candy

  • Hand out these employee appreciation gifts to staff members at your workplace, school or health care center

  • 2-sided presentation card features tie-ins to the assorted snacks

  • NOTE: Some items may contain peanuts... Granola Bars come assorted and may include peanut butter. Cheese crackers may be substituted with Peanut Butter Crackers

  • 5 x 7 Break Pack gifts feature a resealable cello bag with full color, 2 sided presentation insert card for rewarding your business, school or health care employees or staff with a well deserved break and sentiment of appreciation. Kit includes an assortment of popular treats and healthy snacks that are explained on the back of the gift card. Hand out at recognition events, for company or organization milestones or for a job well done (note: some snack items may contain peanuts). Ideal for all staff members including: Teachers & Educators Nurses & Healthcare Professionals Office Staff & Administrators Volunteers

    Employee & Staff Break Pack 5" x 7" 1 Appreciation Gifts Filled with Treats - BFUP55HWY