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  • [High-quality Material]: This Knee Pad Is Made Of Fine Mesh Knit Optimized For Sports. It Is Made Of Nylon And Spandex. It Focuses On The Equipment Required By Athletes During Exercise. It Is Breathable And Durable.

  • This Product Is Suitable For Sports People, And Can Be Used At Home, Or In Sports Venues.

  • 1 X 3D Weaving Knee Brace Support.

  • 【Product Features】: 1. Knee Pads Support The Knees And Reduce Knee Injuries During Exercise. 2. It Can Reduce The Impact Of Overuse Of The Knee And High-intensity Exercise. 3. The Product Is Breathable And Durable. 4. Support The Knee During Exercise To Knee Injury Due To Strenuous Exercise, Play A Advantageousmassage Effect During The Process, And Improve The Sensorimotor Function Of The Entire Joint. 5. Light Weight, Perfectly Fits Human Knees, And Keeps Firmly

  • This Product Is Made Of Fine Mesh Knit Optimized For Sports, Focusing On The Breathability And Durability Required By Athletes. It Is Designed For Sports For Knee Sprains And Strains, Knee Swelling, Knee , Jumpers' Knees And Runners' Knees. It Supports The Movement Of The Knee During Exercise And Prevents Excessive Knee Injury During Strenuous Exercise. It Is Very Worth Buying.

  • Woven knee pads are suitable for a series of sports such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, hiking, running, etc. It can support the knee and reduce the impact of overuse of the knee and high-intensity activities. This product is made of fine mesh knit optimized for sports, focusing on the breathability and durability required by athletes. It is designed for sports for knee sprains and strains, knee swelling, knee , jumpers' knees and runners' knees. It supports the movement of the knee during exercise and prevents excessive knee injury during strenuous exercise. Knee pads can exert a advantageous massage effect through gentle compression during exercise, thereby improving the sensorimotor function of the entire joint. This knee pad is breathable, durable, lightweight, fits perfectly, and firmly fixes the knee to the knee and reduce the damage to the knee. It is suitable for any sports.

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